Information Research and Learning with Lifelogging Devices (IRLLD 2017)
A Session for Interaction and Engagement at iConference2017, Wuhan, China (22-25 March 2016)

IRLLD2017 - Thursday 23 March 2017

Wearable devices and mobile devices have become commodity, and collecting a massive amount of personal lifelog data has become much easier than before. This creates many opportunities for iSchool researchers, developers, learners, and educators. Information seeking research, for example, has traditionally relied on questionnaire or interview data to understand the contextual factor in depth, yet showed limited quantitative verification of their theories. Wearable devices can provide a strong evidence to support mixed-design studies. Learning analytics have also been a popular subject, and many applications have been developed using MOOC data. However, we do not have much insights from students’ lifelogging activities. Therefore, there are still many gaps to bridge among researchers, developers, learners, and educators, to fully leverage the power of lifelogging devices and their data.

Session Structure
The session will be a full-day program at iConference 2017. During the session, participants have the opportunity to experience various lifelogging devices in a living lab environment. Accepted papers will be presented by oral, poster or demo depending on the nature of the contribution. In addition, core research directions regarding the development and use of lifelog devices in Information Research and Learning will be discussed in a round table session.

Invited Speakers

Food logging: a practice-based exploration of an information literacy landscape
Andrew M. Cox and Pam McKinney
Information School, University of Sheffield

Lifelogging Research in the Context of Public Libraries
Masanori Koizumi
Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science, University of Tsukuba